Book review: In Search of Nice Americans: off-grid, on the road and state to state in Trump’s America

Geoff Steward Publisher: Biteback Publishing (August 2017) ​ISBN: 978-1785902635 read more

Christmas wine

From festive fizz to heavyweight reds, Counsel’s wine critics Seán Jones QC and Professor Dominic Regan recommend a host of Christmas bottles, from cheap to dear with value and quality in mind read more

Temple Winter Festival

Temple Music Foundation and Hazard Chase have unveiled the fifth Temple Winter Festival, which takes place from 11 to 15 December at Temple Church and brings together some of the UK’s finest talent... read more

Snooping bosses

Media speculation that employers can no longer monitor their employees’ communications is misleading and unhelpful, writes Siân McKinley read more

The adoption debate

With influential voices questioning the scale and nature of adoption in the UK, Damian Woodward-Carlton looks at the question, raised by Lord Justice McFarlane, whether the current model is the right... read more

Blockchain, Bitcoin and the Bar

Peter Susman QC provides a beginner’s guide to Blockchain and Bitcoin, and suggests the Bar has nothing to fear from such innovations read more

A performance approach

Can adopting techniques from the acting world enhance your advocacy? Barrister-turned-actor Chan Shoker explains how performance skills can build courtroom charisma and control read more

McKenzie friend or foe?

Drawing on their recent research on fee-charging McKenzie Friends, Emma Hitchings and Leanne Smith suggest it’s time to shift the focus away from their work in the courts read more

Know your history: First Hundred Years

A project documenting the heritage of women in law has blossomed into a wider movement. Its founder Dana Denis-Smith picks some inspirational examples, past and present, public and personal read more

The view from Wales

As Wales welcomes its first Supreme Court Justice, David Hughes bemoans linguistic infelicities and says a separate jurisdiction is overdue read more