The medieval junior

Spare a thought for your medieval equivalent: Edward Walker describes a rambunctious day-in-the-life of a 15th century junior read more

Barrister’s best…

Best books, favourite films, top tracks and an essential: Counsel invites barristers to share their cultural influences. In this issue, we talk... read more

TV review: A Very English Scandal

Truth or proof? A Very English Scandal, BBC 1 Directed by Stephen Frears and written by Russell T Davies | Based on A Very English Scandal:... read more

Secret E-Diary

A referendum does not have to lead to division read more

The military drone: regulating the 21st century hunter-killer

As armed drone strikes blur the boundaries of the battlefield, Jo Morris and Libby Anderson look at the ethical and legal issues raised and the law of armed conflict read more

Video hearings: conveyor-belt justice or a revolution in access?

Penelope Gibbs briefs readers on Transform Justice’s video hearings research and calls for a clearer evidence base before virtual justice is extended any further read more

Westminster Watch

The criminal Bar’s future occupies hearts and minds; is it too much to hope the MoJ wakes up and smells the coffee from its spanking-new reception, asks Mark Hatcher read more

Interview with Baroness Blackstone

Grania Langdon-Down meets Baroness Blackstone who brings a reputation for blunt speaking from her formidable 50 year-plus career in education, politics and public service to her new role... read more

A moral panic?

Surveying the knife crime debate, Sam Parham and Katharine Dyson argue that rehabilitation should be prioritised over deterrence and root causes really addressed read more

No knives, better lives

How is Scotland reducing knife deaths so effectively? A case study by Emily Beever outlines its youth work/public health approach to the problem read more