Chairman's Column

Facing a Herculean Task

Nick Green QC explains why the Bar Council has established five working groups to ensure that the Bar is prepared for future legal aid reforms read more

Preventative Measures

The Bar must fight to prevent further cuts in criminal legal aid fees and aim for rate restoration as soon as possible. Nick Green QC considers how this can be achieved read more

Accentuating the Positives

The Bar Council is changing its emphasis, writes Nick Green QC. It wishes to communicate with the Bar’s clients – and potential clients – the benefits, such as the cost effectiveness, of using the... read more

New Regime, New Options

There is a real possibility that new areas of work can now flow directly into the Bar, believes Nick Green QC read more

Facing up to Change

Nick Green QC reflects on the issues that surround the implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007 The main issues on the Bar Council agenda include several matters of enduring concern: legal aid... read more

A Step Too Far

Nick Green QC explains why the Bar Council is preparing to commence judicial review proceedings against the government Throughout January and early February I visited a number of cities in England... read more

A Question of Standards

The Bar should not fear the development of enforceable standards of advocacy in all areas of practice, writes Nick Green QC  I have barely got my feet under the Chairman’s desk on the 7th floor of... read more

Forward Thinking

In his inaugural column Nick Green QC considers how the Bar should adapt and evolve As I look ahead into 2010 two main themes are likely to characterise the work of the Bar Council. These are the... read more

What Lies Ahead?

Desmond Browne QC sums up the current position and highlights the issues to be addressed in the near future The time is now come for my final Chairman’ s Column . In Chancery Lane people stop to ask... read more

A New Year ...

As the new Legal Year begins, Desmond Browne QC stresses the importance of access to justice for all read more