Chairman's Column

What does the future hold?

The new landscape of Alternative Business Structures; forming our own views on how our profession would best evolve; and increasing recognition of the economic value created by the Bar ... read more

Safeguarding our future

The encouraging and disappointing aspects of QASA and the need for ongoing input into designing the final scheme; the importance of the appointment of the new Lord Chief Justice and the fight to... read more

Get involved

The challenges faced in maintaining the profession’s cohesion; the importance of protecting the Bar’s high standards of skill and integrity in the environment currently developing; and a plea to get... read more

Setting the Matter Straight

The merits of joining forces with the Law Society and CILEx; the need to help facilitate the transition to the new world, even if its flaws are readily apparent; the Bar as guardians of the Rule of... read more

So much to lose

Examining what the Bar stands for; fighting to maintain our standards and the Bar’s independence and integrity; and the dangers of change for change’s sake brought in too quickly and by those who do... read more

The damage has been done

PrefaceThe damaging effects of LASPO and Government cuts; SRLs;  a call to all at the Bar to support and maintain the Bar’s Pro Bono Unit;  and welcoming the new Lord ChancellorContributorMichael... read more

A call to arms

Call to respond to the fourth consultation on the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates; communications between the Bar Council and the Bar; Bar Council electionsContributor... read more

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

A tribute to outgoing Law Society President, John Wotton; a welcome to his successor, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, defender of the High Street law firm; examining the aims of Price Competitive Tendering and... read more

It’s a funny old world

The plight of the criminal Bar; the independence of the Bar threatened by fee cuts, referral fees and price competitive tendering; and such developments under scrutiny from the rest of the common law... read more

Sticking to our principles

Examining the LSB’s commitment to standards and to quality; the LSB decision to continue to permit referral fees; and a meeting with the new Chief Executive of the Legal Services Commission... read more