Chairman's Column

The price of justice

The real cost of our justice system compared with Europe; the Practising Fee Certificate changes and survey; understanding the Bar Representation Fee; international views on the rule of... read more

Champions past and present

Cross-examination remaining at the heart of the criminal justice system; the Bar’s great advocates; its international reputation for excellence; and the work of the ATC. I... read more

Doing the right thing

Two hundred years ago, on the night of 12/13 September 1814, British troops attacked the city of Baltimore and British ships bombarded the city’s defences, especially Fort McHenry.... read more

Their sacrifice remembered

Remembering the start of the Great War; the recent progress made in preserving criminal advocacy; reviewing business models; LASPO and the LAA figures; and an inquiry into the role of the... read more

Standing together

With the 60th anniversary of the YBC, reflections on past battles for the Bar; the history behind the formation of COMBAR and the introduction of BARCO; the urgent need  for a recorder... read more

Justice lacks a champion

The findings of the Joint Committee on Human Rights on the implications for access to justice of the Government’s proposals to reform judicial review; the publication of the Jeffrey... read more

Checks and balances

The Government’s “chilling” judicial review reforms revive a centuries-old debate on the balance of power; the future of education and training at the Bar; and a way forward on criminal... read more

Who we are

The Bar Barometer and the growing diversity of the Bar; the changing face of, and the debts incurred during, pupillage; the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill; and an eventful time on the South Eastern... read more

Truth and Power

The necessity for Government to heed history and recognise the limits of its powers; the Bar’s three year engagement with the Government on fees; the value of the Fees Collection Office; and the ... read more

Here to stay

The history of the profession; its fine record on social mobility; the pro bono work by its members; abolishing the Legal Services Board; the Jeffrey Review; legal aid cuts; and the long term future... read more