Chairman's Column

Protecting privilege

The Chairman warns of the dangers posed to legal professional privilege by the Investigatory Powers Bill An essential right in a democracy is that of individuals, and... read more

Representing One Bar

We are stronger when we work together: we want to hear from our members first hand and increase awareness of what we do to represent your best interests, writes the Chairman... read more

A Bar without borders

Don’t think international work is relevant to your practice? Read on: barristers are increasingly doing international work at all levels of seniority, from most practice areas, and across... read more

Cherishing a strong and independent Bar

The Pupillage Gateway recruitment window will be brought forwards from April to January next year, enabling students to secure pupillage before committing to the expensive BPTC course;... read more

A modern profession

Examining the profession, how it adapts to survive; and the vital role of the Bar Council In 2015, as Vice Chairman, I was lucky enough to meet practitioners across... read more

Farewell thoughts

As 2015 draws to a close, reflections on the past year as Chairman of the Bar This is my last Chairman’s column for Counsel and I thought that I would set out a... read more

Business or profession?

Reflecting upon the changing business practices of the profession, the resulting fragility of chambers’ structures, and the need for all chambers to ensure proper dissolution arrangements... read more

The Advocate

An invitation to this year’s Bar Conference and Young Bar Conference; the reason behind choosing the conference theme; and explaining all that delegates can look forward to on the day... read more

Bridging the gap

What can the UK legal system learn from the Chicago Bar Foundation’s innovative Justice Entrepreneurs Project? The American Bar Association Conference (ABA) was held... read more

A proud day

Taking part in the Pride parade and reflecting upon all that this day represents for the Bar and for the country Saturday 27 June was an absolutely beautiful day.  read more