Chairman's Column

A New Year ...

As the new Legal Year begins, Desmond Browne QC stresses the importance of access to justice for all read more

An Ill Wind …

The publicly funded Bar is facing an “annus horribilis”, with yet more proposed cuts – this time to criminal defence fees, writes Desmond Browne QC read more

The Time for Change?

Desmond Browne QC reports on events affecting the Bar and notes the passing of the House of Lords’ Judicial Committee read more

A Considered Response

Desmond Browne QC pays tribute to the people involved in drafting the Bar’s consultation paper responses read more

Unfair Terms

Competition with solicitor-advocates is causing deep concern, writes Desmond Browne QC In recent weeks I have visited chambers in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.... read more

Common Law Appeal

Desmond Browne QC reports on a successful Commonwealth Law Conference read more

Family Crisis

The family Bar is at breaking point, warns Desmond Browne QC read more

Support in Strife

As the credit crunch bites deeper, calls to LawCare have naturally increased. Desmond Browne QC welcomes the launch of its new stress management service read more

Ups & Downs

Desmond Browne QC welcomes the progress made on VHCCs, but notes the sombre news for publicly funded practitioners read more

Hard Times

Desmond Browne QC reviews the state of the profession in 2009 read more