Chairman's Column

The value of a strong and independent legal profession

Protecting endangered lawyers and the rule of law: Andrew Walker QC underlines the growing concerns and global initiatives read more

Passing the justice parcel

What are the consequences for the rule of law, judicial independence and court reform, asks Andrew Walker QC Clarke 28; Grayling 32; Gove 14; Truss 11; Lidington 7... read more

Managing our own destiny

QASA is dead, long live excellence. Time to fill the gap and control our own standards, writes Andrew Walker QC read more

A parting shot from the chair

Down with overnight emails and judicial micromanagement, let’s give our brilliant young advocates a chance, writes Andrew Langdon QC in his final column for Counsel So,... read more

Our Legal Services are GREAT. But for whom?

Upper or lower case, if we want our legal services to be truly great we must invest in serving our citizens in their greatest need, argues Andrew Langdon QC Between 2006... read more

Keeping justice open

We have much to lose, both as a profession and society, if face-to-face court contact is lost and replaced by a second-best form of remote justice, warns Andrew Langdon QC read more

A right, not a commodity

Officious and objectionable Ministry speak betrays an unacceptable misunderstanding of the purpose of administration of justice and should be resisted, argues Andrew Langdon QC... read more

Reassure the Bar on Brexit

‘No Deal’ is looking ‘No Good’ for lawyers and their clients. Rival jurisdictions are jostling for position. It’s high time the government heeded repeated legal advice, argues Bar Chair... read more

Not in our back yard

The alarming practice of ‘deport first, appeal later’ has been arrested by the Supreme Court, but the Bar must keep ‘yard rat’ rule-of-law breaches under its eagle-eyed watch read more

Speaking truth to power

With the election upon us and populist threats to the rule of law, it’s time to speak plainly: UK justice needs a staunch defender and a place at the high table, writes Andrew Langdon QC... read more