Black Lives Matter


Opinion: Judges' MRA - sitting to 75 or beyond

Retaining experience or stifling diversity and preserving inequality? An analysis of the BAME impact of the consultation - have your say before it closes on 16 October 2020

24 September 2020

Opinion: The algorithm of injustice

Beyond the intrusiveness of automated facial recognition is concern about ‘false positives’ and potential for racial bias in the technology 

By Sailesh Mehta and Shahid Khan 

21 September 2020 / Sailesh Mehta / Shahid Khan

Breaking moulds

Speak up and speak out, or we simply pay lip service to equality: a personal account of being ‘othered’ at the Bar and why together we are stronger. By Sunyana Sharma 

02 September 2020 / Sunyana Sharma

Diversity at the Bar: where do we go from here?

Just when we could see progress in diversity finally finding traction, the loss of so many colleagues threatens to set us back years, if not decades – Jo Sidhu QC  and Elaine Banton   share some positive ideas to support and build diversity

02 September 2020 / Jo Sidhu QC / Elaine Banton

What the Bar can learn from: Inclusion projects

Why diversity in itself does not lead to stronger team performance, innovation or ideas – inclusion is the critical differentiator. Jay Connolly  has some ideas for how the Bar could start its own Big Inclusion Project 

28 July 2020 / Jay Connolly
Courtenay Griffiths QC features in Episode 24 of Talking Law

Silks share insights with Women in the Law UK including Black Lives Matter at the Bar

Courtenay Griffiths QC discusses with Sally Penni barriers to BAME representation in the judiciary and Women in the Law UK will host a special Why Black Lives Matter webinar on 3 July

30 June 2020

Bar journey: from quad to quad to quad

But not the usual quadrangle – a rounded route to the Bar, insights gained, and finding improv as a creative outlet outside the intense world of law. By Joel Semakula  

18 June 2020 / Joel Semakula
© Stanislaw Kujawa

Righting wrongs: interview with Martin Forde QC

One year on from the launch of the Windrush compensation scheme, the silk who oversaw its design talks to Natasha Shotunde  about the scandal, British attitudes to migration and citizenship, and misconceptions holding applicants back from rightful compensation

12 June 2020 / Natasha Shotunde
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