Barrister's best: Mohsin Zaidi

The cultural life and times of the barrister whose memoir about a gay Muslim’s journey to acceptance and liberation has made headlines

19 August 2020 / Mohsin Zaidi

Lockdown Lawyers: a pandemic of poetry

Jon Whitfield QC  shares the story behind the poetry collection written by legal aid lawyers struggling to deliver justice for all during lockdown 

28 July 2020 / Jon Whitfield QC

Barrister's best: Andrew Hillier QC

Finding solace in today’s pressurised world; a reflective cultural life and times 

By Andrew Hillier QC  

18 June 2020 / Andrew Hillier QC

Book review: Playing off the Roof and Other Stories

By Simon Brown, Marble Hill Publishers (February 2020) ISBN 9781527254268. Reviewed by David Wurtzel 

16 April 2020 / David Wurtzel

A trial of endurance

Last year Manchester barrister Alex Taylor competed at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua Kona, The Big Island, Hawaii. Counsel  asked him to share his experience and how he manages training around life at the Bar 

By Alex Taylor  

13 March 2020 / Alex Taylor

Alderman in the City of London

Representing your interests in Farringdon Without, a life in the day of a silk who combines his practice with public service and diplomatic relations 

By Gregory Jones QC  

13 March 2020 / Gregory Jones QC

Thomas Grant QC on Court No. 1

How a commercial and chancery silk became a criminal law historian of the most famous courtroom in Britain. David Etherington QC (DE) interviews Thomas Grant QC (TG) 

23 January 2020 / David Etherington QC
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Crime: Are We Tough Enough? Episode 1

A five-part series for the BBC presented by Chris Daw QC and Ayesha Nayyar (aired January 2020) 

Reviewed by Aadhithya Anbahan  

23 January 2020 / Aadhithya Anbahan

Back-to-the-fray, budget bottles

After a booze-free month, some modest bottle recommendations for a frugal new-year palate
rom Professor Dominic Regan and Seán Jones QC  

January 2020: running on empty?

January can be a tough month, so why not put plans in place for a happy new year and try a RED one: running every day

18 December 2019 / Efe Avan-Nomayo
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