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The UK Internal Market bill: Brexit lightning rod or storm in a teacup?

The government’s plan to break international law was a shock to lawyers and international partners alike – but it will not stop the UK and the EU doing a deal, writes Raphael Hogarth  

05 October 2020 / Raphael Hogarth

Women at the Bar in 2020

Women are still leaving the Bar. So what are we doing about it? Professor Jo Delahunty QC takes a memory trip through recent times to assess whether times are changing, or it’s still a case of sticky floor and glass ceiling... 

28 September 2020 / Professor Jo Delahunty QC

18 years and still no justice to be found in Guantanamo

BHRC’s visit to Guantanamo Bay for the trial of the alleged planners of 9/11: a salutary lesson about nations who support the rule of law jettisoning principles in times of crisis, writes Jacob Bindman  

28 September 2020 / Jacob Bindman

Opinion: The algorithm of injustice

Beyond the intrusiveness of automated facial recognition is concern about ‘false positives’ and potential for racial bias in the technology 

By Sailesh Mehta and Shahid Khan 

21 September 2020 / Sailesh Mehta / Shahid Khan
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The truth about our human rights laws, by the Secret Barrister

Few cases raise more hackles than foreign nationals breaching our criminal law, only for the govern­ment’s attempts at deporting them to be frustrated.  

An extract from Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies  by the Secret Barrister 

03 September 2020 / The Secret Barrister

Protecting lawyers at risk

Six organisations came together to share their institutional knowledge and expertise for the creation of a Legal Toolkit for Lawyers at Risk. Dr Theodora Christou   explains how the toolkit is being used worldwide to protect lives

19 August 2020 / Dr Theodora Christou

Protimos: the legal disrupter

With freedoms at stake, the rule of law and legal precedent are used to protect and honour community resources, and calls for the organisation’s services grow louder each year. By Fiona Darroch  

28 July 2020 / Fiona Darroch

An appetite for arbitration

Dealing with  the fall-out of coronavirus business interruption: Ricky Diwan QC 's guide to how international arbitration can be used for effective dispute resolution as we face the prospective deluge of court litigation   

28 July 2020 / Ricky Diwan QC

Opinion: Where next for post-COVID criminal justice? asks The Secret Barrister

Something must be done or the much-vaunted ‘new normal’ will be taking place without us. The Secret Barrister  boils down the critical issues into a five-point alternative recovery plan for criminal justice 

28 July 2020 / The Secret Barrister

Opinion: The fallacy of ‘24-hour justice’

With fast-track justice measures reportedly back on the table, the risks of miscarriages of justice through rushed proceedings in a criminal justice system already at breaking point. By Zo ë  Chapman 

26 July 2020 / Zoë Chapman
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Justice for all; a mighty cause

In the battle of ideas and values which the maintenance of the rule of law involves, lawyers remain in the frontline

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