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Fit your own mask first: living life at the criminal Bar

We defend fearlessly our clients’ best interests and fight for the underdog every day in court, but neglect to apply that same attitude to ourselves. What is needed to improve the lives of those who seek to stand up for justice and assure the future of the profession? 

By Siân Beaven  

30 November 2020 / Siân Beaven

No place for systemic racism

How systemic racism affects the Bar, an audit of the profession’s progress so far, and the structural, cultural and personal change required for meaningful action 

By  Amit Popat  

30 November 2020 / Amit Popat

Opinion: Promoting and protecting judicial independence

No jurisdiction can afford to be complacent, write Mark Guthrie  and Sailesh Mehta  – a global review of judicial appointments systems and politicians’ attitudes to judges, and a campaigning role for the Bar 

19 November 2020 / Mark Guthrie / Sailesh Mehta

Dear Prime Minister and Home Secretary

What lawyers do – a corrective and a manifesto. By  Dexter Dias QC 

18 November 2020 / Dexter Dias QC

Clinical negligence and COVID

Spring 2020 forced fundamental changes on our healthcare system. Helen Mulholland  examines the implications of COVID-19 for clinical negligence claims

06 November 2020 / Helen Mulholland

OPINION: Antisemitism in the Labour Party - the EHRC's report and its impact

Adam Wagner  looks at the findings of the EHRC's investigation into antisemitism in the Labour Party, its far-reaching impact, and discusses his own experience of litigating the case

06 November 2020 / Adam Wagner

The government and the judges

Zealots bent on upsetting the constitutional applecart or the only friends we have? And what is the alternative? Thomas Grant QC  takes a look at the Independent Review of Administrative Law, its context and the charges against the senior judiciary

26 October 2020 / Thomas Grant QC

Banaz Mahmod: 15 years on, lessons still to be learned

With stricter quarantining restrictions being imposed up and down the country, those in the criminal justice system must be more vigilant than ever against HBV, write Riel Karmy-Jones QC  and Nicholas Hall  examining the case of Banaz Mahmod, recently dramatized for ITV, its wider impact and heightened relevance today

12 October 2020 / Riel Karmy-Jones QC / Nick Hall

The forgotten victims of domestic abuse

At least 57% of women in prison and under community supervision are victims of domestic abuse. Paramjit Ahluwalia  briefs readers on the proposed amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill extending protection for those compelled to offend

07 October 2020 / Paramjit Ahluwalia

Refugee Channel crossings: the legal position

Crossing the busiest shipping lane in the world in a small dinghy may or may not be ‘bad and stupid and dangerous’, but is it really criminal? An analysis of the legal position, by Colin Yeo  

07 October 2020 / Colin Yeo
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The Spending Review

A decade of cuts and the brutal pandemic have left courts and barristers struggling to cope – a bid for justice spending 

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