Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter protest in Manchester, 7 Jun 2020

Racial diversity at the Bar matters: by Leslie Thomas QC

Let’s talk about race. Forget the guilt and take action. Bias is implicit and often unconscious. It takes great courage to change the system. It benefits us all. By Leslie Thomas QC, Gresham Professor of Law  

Book review: People Like Us: What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain

By Hashi Mohamed 

Profile Books (January 2020), ISBN 978-1788161121, Hardcover (320 pages) 

Reviewed by  Malvika Jaganmohan 

26 May 2020 / Malvika Jaganmohan

Opinion: COVID-19's disproportionate toll

Is it really  true that COVID-19 is the virus that does not discriminate? Glenn Parsons  investigates  

14 May 2020 / Glenn Parsons

Finding a way to serve

With mini pupillages and other work experience cancelled, Zeenat Islam  explains how Learning for Lawyers – REDEFINED is helping to unlock the law for those struggling to access opportunities

06 May 2020 / Zeenat Islam

The Bar & anti-racism

Time for a change of tone on race equality? Why the Bar should organise as part of the anti-racist movement sweeping through the professions.  

By Sara Ibrahim  

13 March 2020 / Sara Ibrahim

Hashi Mohamed: People like us – at the Bar

The planning law barrister, best-selling author, broadcaster and former child refugee on the vexed questions: What does it take to make it to the Bar? What does changing the way you speak say about your character? Is meritocracy a myth that hurts the most disadvantaged?  

By Hashi Mohamed  

13 March 2020 / Hashi Mohamed
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OPINION Diversity and inclusion: beyond the tick boxes

Time to rethink the Bar’s approach to diversity and inclusion? To ensure that difference makes  a difference, we must get to the root of the problem and commit to structural change – Zeenat Islam  shares her thoughts

14 February 2020 / Zeenat Islam

Let's talk about: Racism & the Bar

Comfortable talking about race? How does racism show up in chambers? Raggi Kotak shares her views, hopes and suggestions for change 

18 December 2019 / Raggi Kotak

Diversity: how to demonstrate it

Silk application back to basics: how to understand, demonstrate and derive joy from the diversity competence

24 November 2019 / Sarabjit Singh
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In the battle of ideas and values which the maintenance of the rule of law involves, lawyers remain in the frontline

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