Westminster Watch

Panto season as politicians struggle with the biggest set of challenges since 1945; and will opportunity knock for justice in October’s Budget? Mark Hatcher is concerned read more

How and why: CSR at the Bar

Cynical business ploy or socially responsible purpose? Sam Mercer asked four leading sets how and why they do CSR… read more

All Bar None

A host of good reasons to devote a day of your life to the Annual Bar Conference. By Lucinda Orr read more

4 skills for managing up and down

How to work successfully in a demanding profession, with sometimes challenging personalities, whilst pursuing happiness? Jay Connolly shares four core skills to help us manage up, down... read more

Putting the case, in every case

‘Think very carefully’ before agreeing to go just with the ABE video interview, Hallett VP has warned. Laura Hoyano explains why a tactical decision not to cross-examine a competent... read more

Cross-continent: a vulnerable-witness video-link

Registered intermediary Jennifer Beaumont describes how sound planning, communication and partnership underpinned a successful video link for a vulnerable complainant in Kenya to a... read more

Extraordinary Working Lives: John Nicholson

Free-access-to-justice campaigner John Nicholson recounts a day in the life as a legal aid lawyer operating in the hostile environment read more

Extraordinary Working Lives: Mukhtiar Singh

Not an ordinary day-in-the-life for social mobility advocate Mukhtiar Singh, as he moves to new chambers and reflects on his unusual route to the Bar after 20 years as a police detective... read more

Extraordinary Working Lives: Chris Daw QC

Chris Daw QC contrasts two days in the life: a building labourer in a sub-zero winter to a documentary-making Silk for primetime TV whose film went viral on LinkedIn read more

Electoral law: unfit for the 21st century?

With democracy at risk there’s no excuse for legislative inaction, argue Alison Foster QC, Tom Tabori and Gethin Thomas who make the case for reform and put forward proposals for change... read more